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Residential Lock Installation in Riverside, CA

Let a Pop-A-Lock Locksmith who resides right here in Riverside Ca. provide the sense of security you're looking for when you move into that newly purchased home. It should come as no shock that it is not only smart to rekey your locks but it is often less expensive than replacing them. It is also true that in many states when a new tenant/owner occupies a residence rekeying is ‘required by law'. California hasn't seen the light yet, but don't let that deter you. Rekey your new home for or apartment for your own safety and peace of mind. Let one of Pop-A-Lock's licensed, insured and bonded professionals provide that important service.
Pop-A-Lock can also assist you with your home automation project. Let us provide a free home security survey and install your remote controlled locks, cameras and switches. Pop-A-Lock has Nexia systems in stock, a complete line of home automation products from Schlage the leader of security products for home and business. Let us All controlled by the convenience of your smart phone. Let us install a complete home security system for your new home. (Call 951-992-1096 or 951-243-6393 for a free estimate)
Locked out!! -- We have some of the most advanced lock opening techniques known and can open almost any lock within a few minutes. Whether you need a Locksmith to let you in your home or business, call Pop-A-Lock for a licensed professional.
Locked out of your home safe!! -- Pop-A-Lock can help. One of our safe technicians can assist you with opening your long time locked safe. We can also assist with moving, installing and remounting your safe, gun or wall safe.
Real Estate Agents, Brokers or Property Manager!! -- They all use Pop-A-Lock for their home rekeying service. Need a locksmith for your Sheriff's lockout, Repossessed or abandoned property? Pop-A-Lock will provide a dependable locksmith who shows up ahead of schedule and ready to work, (we can't always guarantee he will be a “smell good locksmith” though –joke!) Seriously though, we'd love to assist with your locksmith needs, call us at 951-992-1096 or 951-243-6393.
Contact us in Riverside, California, and let our locksmith service replace your broken locks today.